Can you see me III discovered last week that I have a workmate who has a pond on their property and that they were happy for me to hang out for the day at their place.

Such excitement as I pulled up and Can you see mespotted all the frog weed, signaling an ideal frog habitat.

Although the frogs positioned themselves in quite hard to get to places, I managed to spot in excess of 12 Golden Bell Frogs of various sizes.

Golden Bell Frogs are an introduced species in New Zealand. They are one of three introduced frog species (from Australia) that belong to the hylid tree frog genus Litoria (Whistling or brownFrog Slime tree frog & Green and golden bell frog).

Unlike NZ’s native frogs they have a visible external eardrum (tympanum), and a horizontal, not rounded, pupil. Only the whistling frog is similar enough in size or colour to be mistaken for a native frog. They all have loud calls, and an aquatic tadpole stage.

Previous Golden Bell Frogs I have photographed have been about the size of your little fingernail so was almost beside myself when one of the
frogs I found was the size of my palm, I have never seen one that large Golden Bell Frog
before, It was such a buzz.

I came close to falling in the pond a couple of times however it would have well and truly been worth it.

I have found a new happy place, and will definitely be back to explore more.

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