It is an exciting time of year here in the Southern Hemisphere as we are part way through Spring and all the insects are now starting to emerge.

Although we are currently in unstable weather with a lot of rain mixed with fine, there still seems to be lots of new insect activity.

Most recent finds are the Monarch Caterpillars which is a definite sign that Summer isn’t far away (17 already busily munching their way through my swan plants).

Long and winding road
Ladybirds are also starting to become a common sight in the garden.

This yellow and black ladybird is – ‘Illeis galbula’, a fungus eating ladybird.

It is very active and fast moving during the day and it lives on plants infected with fungus or black mold, which is a little unfortunate as that’s not quite what you want to have growing on your plants in the garden.

Little Steely Blue ladybirds are also quite abundant at the moment but we are still missing the red and black common ladybird. Fingers crossed they make an appearance the closer Summer gets.

Lavender Bract

Southern Hemisphere Seasons:
Spring: September to November.
December to February.
Autumn: March to May.
Winter: June to August.